Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Starting to mature

With the Neurospaces project maturing and becoming more useful, I decided to start blogging on tangible progress of the software development. The intent is to give a weekly update, for myself and other people interested and participating in the project.

People somewhat familiar with the project know that we are currently focusing on single neuron modeling. This does not mean that network modeling is not supported, but instead that we are focusing on a complete toolchain that allows scientists to build single neuron models from scratch, explore their behavior, compare the results between alternative models.

Over the last few months, the Neurospaces software toolchain has been used for all the functions mentioned in the previous paragraph by scientists doing scientific research. Multicompartmental models as well as single compartment models have been used, from passive morphologies til active morphologies showing spike frequency adaptation due to the calcium dynamics.

We hope to do a first alpha release early next year. And as said, this alpha release will focus on single neuron modeling.

More to follow.